The Chocolate Church Arts Center in Bath, Maine presents "The Santa Diaries" in 2018

Director Dennis St. Pierre said, "Our cast has been working tirelessly on this show for over 8 weeks, dealing with snow storms, Thanksgiving turkey sleepiness, late nights with children, etc.. They have been living the reality of what it means to be a community coming together to 'put on a show,' one of the themes of The Santa Diaries." Hometown Santa, Sandy Hawes, wants to retire and turn over the Santa reins to his son Will begrudgingly accepts the role temporarily. And just as the Bath, Maine cast came together to put on a Christmas show, so do the characters in this play as they remember what Christmas is really about. 

The Chocolate Church Arts Center—which originated as the Central Church—is one of two Gothic Revival Churches from the 1840’s in Bath. Each interpret the medieval style in a distinctive manner. One of those buildings is now operating as the Chocolate Church Arts Center on Washington Street. This facility, that began as the Central Church, has deep historical significance in the skyline of the city. The interior now has a stage at one end and amazing acoustics. It was another wonderful (and historic) venue for The Santa Diaries.

Apologies for most of the photos which were taken from the balcony on Mala Burt's cell phone. But they give you an idea of the inventive staging. The photos which are in focus were taken by Dave Mention.