The Santa Diaries

Written specifically for community/nonprofit theater productions, 
The Santa Diaries offers:
 • A contemporary story about a successful and self-absorbed  
   Hollywood actor who’s forced to return to his hometown and direct
   the community’s A Christmas Carol where he rediscovers the joy   
   of Christmas, a lost love, and learns to embrace his inner Santa.
• Versatile production with minimal or complex staging
• Accommodates professional and non-professional cast
• Scalable cast size of all ages (a larger cast means more friends and relatives to come see them!)
• Customizable to reflect the culture of your theatre and location

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The Santa Diaries: Production Package
  • The Santa Diaries: Production Package
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The Santa Diaries package includes:

• Script • Cast and scene lists • Music for two original songs • List of Christmas songs in the public domain • Promotional templates and suggestions • Customizable photos for opening montage (sample photos included) • Unlimited performances in year of purchase • No royalties or other charges • All materials are provided in digital format

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