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A Dream Across Time

A Dream Across Time is a romantic suspense novel with paranormal themes. Buy now

Ghostly presences and secrets from two hundred years ago wait for Jamie Elliott when she follows her new husband to the lush Caribbean island of St. Lucia. It isn't long before island forces, powerful across the centuries, find deep echoes in her recurring dreams which intensify, pulling her into the past. During the day, Jamie grapples with suspicions about her husband and her attraction to Andre Demontagne, son of a powerful island family. Andre has links to the family of former slaves, and all have secrets that lead back to Jamie. Should she make a decision for love or allow fate to determine her fate?

What the reviewers say...

"A spellbinding tale. An exquisitely crafted novel sure to keep readers engrossed from cover to cover."
Bowker BookWire Review

"An intricately plotted story that is romantic, mysterious and entrancing. I loved this book and did not want it to end. Recommended to anyone with a hint of romance in their blood and those who believe that fate has a hand in our lives."
A "Must Read" Rating from
Heather Froeschl,

"This is a fantastic novel! Annie Rogers has written a beautiful work of art. I couldn't have asked for a more capitvating, intriguing and entertaining romance than A Dream Across Time. This author gets a perfect five stars." BJ Deese,

Book of the Year Award from Foreword Reviews

Stepfamilies: Professionals and Stepcouples in Partnership

This book was originally published in 1996 and was intended for mental health professionals. Emily and John Visher, who were the founding “parents” of the Stepfamily Association of America, referred to it as the definitive work on stepfamily interventions. It was apparent that it had perfect utility for stepcouples especially when they were working with a professional counselor. Recently the book went out of print. The authors considered it far too important a work to let it disappear. They obtained the rights. In this digital age it is being given new life and has been redesigned as a dual use book for partnerships between stepcouples and helping professionals.
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The model utilized is called a normalizing model in that stepfamilies are considered to be normal families undergoing multiple adjustments at the same time. There is an economy of intervention using this model and it avoids the extensive data gathering often associated with the medical model where pathology is assumed. Much of the data was gathered by the authors in their specialized practice with stepfamilies. The power of the model is seen in the fact that these families often arrived in terrible distress, yet the average number of sessions was only eight.
A Circle of Dreams

A Circle of Dreams is a romantic mystery in which a ghost from two hundred years ago tries to pull Jamie Demontagne's young son permanently into the past. She knows something is wrong with her child, and it is up to her to confront the past in order to save him. The conflict is tearing her marriage and family apart and could destroy her child.
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What the reviewers say...

"This fast-paced novel features an intricately woven mystery. The cast of eclectic characters give the book appealing authenticity, and the suspensful story comes to a tense, gratifying conclusion. Lush description, likeable characters and a tantalizing storyline combine to make this book one that readers won't want to put down."
Bowker BookWire Review

"Annie Rogers has done it again. A Circle of Dreams is a satisfying trip to the islands. With human tension, mystery, romance, a good bit of the paranormal, and a just-right portion of psychology, this novel is a page-turner that is sure to please readers."
Heather Froeschl,

"Steeped in rich island tradition and spiritual beliefs that call out to the reader."
"If you like paranormal and spine tingling mysteries, then A Circle of Dreams is not to be missed."
Laura V. Hilton, Armchair Interviews

"Just like the first book in this series, A Circle of Dreams is filled with gorgeous scenery, endearing characters and fascinating mysticism."
Nany Morris, AllBooksReviews

"This book is a must read, very captivating all the way to the end."
Rated A Collector's Treasure
by Wilma Frana, Word Museum

"An excellent story of a family coming together in adversity. The characters are alive and vibrant. All of this makes for one great book."
Heather M. Riley,

"This author duo wrotes with strength and passion, bringing the reader fully into this circle of dreams."
Christina Claussen, ForeWord Clarion Review

Book of the Year Award from Foreword Reviews