Laura Ambler and Mala Burt have written numerous books and screenplays both together and independently, and have created artwork for book illustration and other print materials. This page features their joint projects.  Projects by Laura  Projects by Mala

Big Skye Ranch

“Like a good movie, its compelling characters, dramatic conflict and script-worthy dialogue had me turning pages right to the end. It reasonates with hope and redemption for anyone still hurting from decisions they've made in the past.”

Marykay Powell, Co-Producer
The Curious Life of Benjamin Button


Three girls must confront themselves and each other at a last chance ranch for troubled teens in the Montana wilderness. They have to shape up or be sent home. And that’s the last thing any of them wants.

Beverly Hills celebutante Houston Knight has a $10,000 a month allowance, never sees her famous parents, and could care less. Living the privileged life of young Hollywood, volatile Houston is unstoppable – right up until the moment she’s arrested for drug dealing and assault.

Fifteen year old Cat likes older guys and if sex is part of the bargain, she’s okay with that. If these relationships ruin those men's lives, she’s okay with that, too. And if they’re married? So much the better. Smart and manipulative, Cat’s Ivy League bound until she causes a horrific accident that can’t be undone.

Lee Ann hates her body. Cutting and burning herself are the only things that make her feel better. A vicious stunt by her schoolmates humiliates Lee Ann and plunges her into depression. Her parents will be sad when she’s gone, but being dead seems the only option.  260 pages with integrated graphics.

In January, 2010, Big Skye Ranch was pronounced, "A forerunner of a new generation of e-books…" by the London Book Festival where it not only won the Best e-Book Category, but also the Festival’s Grand Prize Runner-Up Award in what is a traditional, printed, publishing competition. The London Book Festival writes that Big Skye Ranch is, "…roping in the hard-to-reach teenage audience. Wrapped in a salacious package, "Big Skye Ranch" uses full color graphics and provocative subject matter to bridge the reading generation gap."

The book also resonates with older readers who write, "Big Skye Ranch should be required reading for mothers and daughters! It presents the perfect opportunity to discuss difficult subjects."

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Big Skye Ranch Awards 
  • London Book Festival Awards: Best new e-book 2010, Runner-up to Grand Prize.
  • Paris Book Festival Award: Best new e-book 2010.
  • 2010 National Indie Excellence Award for E-book Fiction. 
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